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This being my very first blog post, I thought I would dive right in and talk about my-


Sometimes I glide right through the week and all is status quo and other times I find myself in in a bit of a pickle (which seem to appear spontaneously) where I am struck by a situation that calls for quick action. I think about my 'SHE ROCK' and it never seems to fail in getting me through the rough spots.

My rock keeps me on the straight and narrow and makes me feel secure in my mission ,(which seems to never end!), and I know I can navigate through all the challenges that seem to arise in business and life.

I love my SHE ROCK. It's my constant companion and grounds me each day.


Ok, now I said the 'grounding' word. I don't know if it is this way for you, but I need it big time. I am blessed and cursed with the never ending ability to have ideas. I am an idea bush in full bloom. I need lots of pruning, no watering (since my ideas seem to burst out of an invisable seed) and a cork. Yes, a cork, to stop my creations from coming out so fast. At least my inner fishing pole helps me to reel myself in occasionally.

Phew! I'm glad I got that out. Now you know the real me. 

I am also an illustrator and will be decorating this page with some colorful imagery. I like to keep things lively.

So, stay grounded, stay confident and stay tuned for more...

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