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Going Green

Eva Mautner

I've been very busy since the start of 2017! New designs keep coming!

As we approach the Spring season, you can expect an array of fun new designs that are easy to wear. I love following the Pantone yearly color choices as they make it easy for me to design for you! This way you have tones and colors that match the fabrics as they come off the fashion runways. I am a painter. Colors are in my thoughts and imagination every day. It's my passion. When I design my jewelry and products I am deep into my element. Space is another quality that I like and feel as I design. I have been known for simplicity since I was a child. People always commented on how I liked to create space and beauty. As a kid I used to sit for hours on end happily in my imagination.  I created and made things all the time, whether I was beading, painting or shopping at flea markets.

This Spring, get crazy and go a little green!
This makes me really happy (not envious) because I've always felt that green is such a classic color. For instance, last I remember a big surge of green was in the 90's. Everyone had something in chartreuse (except me). Just not my color...a tear!
I'm currently mulling over some 'green' ideas, so, stay tuned! Our spring focus will be stretch bracelets and earrings. Keep your eyes peeled for an array of new stacking and stylish gems to come soon. Here is a sneak peak from our new line of 'Infinity' stacking stretch bracelets made with Czech glass beads and antique gold components. 

Here are the Pantone colors that inspired these bracelets:


As I said earlier, I have this passion for color, so playing with my beads and color trends is both stimulating and evokes a sense of excitement. I sometimes think I was born in a bucket of paint! 

                        Don't forget your 'greens'!                            

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