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The SHE ROCK Brand Story

Eva Mautner


When I was a little girl, I spent my weekends at the beach in San Francisco with my mother, collecting perfectly shaped rocks and seashells. This experience connected so well with my greater purpose and who I really was. The beach made me feel open, free and clear. Clear to realize who I was inside. I loved the perfect sand dollars and exquisitely shaped stones. I knew early on to respect the ocean and beach in its entirety.

This has never changed. That’s why I created She Rock. She Rock is that ‘rock’ we all find on the beach that gives us the inspiration to truly see who we are. It’s something for all women. A rock to have and to hold. Something tangible that makes you feel grounded and brings you your true ocean vision or what I call your ‘She Rock moment’.

 "When you sit on the beach, feet firmly planted in the sand-look out on to the ocean and listen to the tides."

We all are emotional beings. Especially in our ever changing world where we all need that special reminder, something solid, to hold on to. That is why your She Rock is meant to be kept close to you at all times. Women tell me they keep them in their car, purse or pocket during the day. Some even have two so one is always at home. Others slip them into the pocket of their partner for the day. It’s a solid and constant reminder to stay confident and connected. There is no ‘why’ as to own a She Rock. It’s only a ‘why not’?

She Rock owners feel a big connection to their Rock. She Rock is your friend. It lasts forever and inspires great ideas and creativity. It’s a sustainable product to keep by your side through thick and thin reminding you that you are unique and have special inner gifts. You were born with talent and originality just by being your natural self, and, you come from the very same place as She Rock; Nature.


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