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The Surprise SHE ROCK Experiment

Eva Mautner

Last night was a landmark birthday celebration for my mother. I whipped up a gourmet dinner. We had wild Alaskan Salmon with a vegetable concoction I make with fresh leeks. It was to die for! Mom's friend Helen was visiting who lives on a Greek Isle. We broke open the champagne and, being artists, we all discussed our latest creations and endeavors. The conversation was rich and lively with several generations around the table. At the end of the evening (before Helen left), I handed her a SHE ROCK to take back home. She had never seen one and was so thankful and told me she felt inspired. That warmed my heart and made my day. I designed SHE ROCK with the intention to remind women to feel confident and inspired. And who would of thought that the intention bounced right back into my lap. Helen's uplifting words gave me a whole new excitement for my purpose in my art, business and life. I love when that happens! 

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