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I was born and raised in San Francisco during the amazing 60's. Despite living in a city, my mother used to bring me to the park and ocean to take long walks. I picked daisies in the grass and made endless daisy chains.  At the beach, I searched for pretty stones to bring home and place on a shelf to admire. When I turned ten, I rode my bike all the time to my favorite bead store and collected unusual beads and other objects. This gave me hours of joy and kept me grounded. I have continued to do this throughout my life and have made endless creations.

After visiting a local beach a few years ago, I realized I felt the same way as I had as a child. Lost in my miniature world in the sand, I carefully selected a handful of perfectly shaped stones and went to the local bead store to see if I could find a way to securely glue them and create totally unique jewelry. My plan worked and I launched Eva Michele.

As my journey unfolded, I realized that my passion as a young girl was still a big part of who I am. Finding objects and turning them into beautiful creations makes me as happy now as it did when I was a child. I wanted to share this with all women so that they could also come to believe in themselves and follow what truly makes them happy. Hence, The 'She Rock' Necklace by Eva Michele was born, a meaningful, everyday necklace to remind women to feel confident and follow their dreams.

Our goal at Eva Michele is to share unique and meaningful creations.